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'PR' Oliva's Bullboy Ukko

Updated 12/18/12

Ukko now lives in Sweden and is currently being shown in the EBKC.
We have one final litter off of him due at the end of this month. Check the breedings or puppy page for more information.


Ukko is an ABKC Champion!

Ultimate Blues Head Honcho X Ultimate Blues Strutter!

Ukko's Recent ABKC Show Wins

He won best Standard male in South Carolina on 8/4/12 and Best in Show in Perry, Georgia on 7/7/12!

Show 2: 3rd Place 2-3 Extreme Males
Show 3: 2nd Place 2-3 Extreme Males

Show 1: 3rd Place 2-3 Standard Males
Show 2: 2nd Place 2-3 Standard Males 

Show 2: 3rd Place Extreme Males
Show 3: 3rd Place Extreme Males
Show 4: 1st Place Standard Males 

1st Place 2-3 Extreme Males
Best Extreme Male


Ultimate Blues
Head Honcho

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