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Joe & Kimberly Sikes
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'PR' Peach State's Atilla the Hun

Click here for Atilla's Pedigree and More Photos

This extreme blue bully male is off of Ultimate Blues Quake Junior and Peach State Pitbulls Blaze. His bloodlines consist of Razors Edge and Gottiline. Some names in his pedigree include Southern Pride's GR CH Blade, Ultimate Blues Harley, Mikelands Brix, Texas Legacy, Quake, Kinky, and many more. Atilla amazes us more each and every day. His bone mass is incredible for his age. We couldn't ask for a better production here at Peach State Pitbulls.

'PR' Peach State's Dirty Harry

ABKC Champion

Click here for Dirty's Pedigree and More Photos


This extreme blue bully male is now an ABKC Extreme Champion. He is a proven producer of correct bullies - XL, Standard, Extreme, and Pocket. He will produce what you want depending on your female. He is up for stud for only $1000 - not bad for a champion stud fee. Dirty is almost 100% Razor's Edge.  Some names in his pedigree include Texas Legacy, Thing, Hayne's Fawn Lady and many more. Dirty's temperament is the best I've seen. He listens very well and does exactly what he is asked to do. He is calm with children, plays when he is supposed to, and if you change your tone with him just slightly, Dirty knows he did something wrong. You won't find an overall better dog anywhere, unless you find one of Dirty's productions.


     'PR' Ukko (pronounced "You-Co")

Click here for Ukko's Pedigree and More Photos

This boy was purchased from Ultimate Blue Pitbulls in the summer of 2011. Since then, he has produced some very nice puppies for us. Ukko produces blue and champagne puppies. He is a Texas Legacy grandson and an Ultimate Blue Pitbulls Bouncer grandson. He is off of Hard Rock Bullys/ Ultimate Blues Strutter and Ultimate Blues Head Honcho.  He is now an ABKC Champion and recently moved to Sweden.

Our Blue, Champagne, and Tri Color Pitbulls, bullies, and pitbull puppies for sale come from top pit bull (American Bully) bloodlines such as Razors Edge and Gottiline. As bully breeders, Peach State Pitbulls specializes in blue or blue nose pitbulls for sale as well as champagne and tri color pit bulls for sale. Occasionally, we have other colors, including blue, champagne, champagne tri, blue fawn, blue brindle, reverse blue brindle, black, black tri, black trindle, gray, silver, sable tri, and white pit bull puppies. We do not breed red nose pitbulls or bullies, but many people often mistake our champagnes for reds.  Peach State Pitbulls puppies for sale have massive bone and thickness. Our Pitbull kennel is internationally recognized as having some of the finest American Pitbull Terriers. I truly believe that if you are looking for pitbull puppies or bully puppies for sale you will not find better Pitbull kennel anywhere. We like to get to know our buyers personally and receive pictures of our pit bull and American bully puppies as they grow and mature into their full potential!

We are continuously updating this site; so return often to our Pitbull Kennels for new information, pictures, and important dates to remember. Before leaving our pit bull kennel website, take a look at just a few of our Top producers! I am sure you will agree you won't find a more impressive lineup of Blue Pitbulls, Champagne Pit bulls, or Tri Color Pitbulls in the world – at relatively affordable prices! Peach State Pitbulls is making its mark in the world! Are you going to be one of the lucky owners of a pitbull puppy produced here?

Peach State Pitbulls specializes in producing top quality bully blue pit puppies. Most of our American pitbull terrier puppies are the American Bully style pitbulls with a wide chest, short bodies, huge heads, excellent bone structure, drive, great bloodlines, and excellent temperaments. Sometimes we have Classic American Pitbull Terriers that would perform well in UKC shows as well as ABKC and UBKC shows. Often, our pit bull kennel will have blue puppies for sale. You can purchase a blue pitbull pup from Peach State Pitbulls. The bloodlines of our puppies for sale will be on the breedings page. You will see throughout this site that I recommend you look at many pictures of our puppies for sale, pictures of the parents, and pictures of what we have already produced at Peach State Pitbulls. We believe that any reputable pit bull breeder offering the best pitbull pups for sale will provide you with the best possible pictures on which to base your pit bull puppy purchase. Our American Pit Bull Terrier kennel is located in South Georgia. Feel free to check out what we have to offer and, if you like the bully pitbulls you see, contact us.

At Peach State Pitbulls, we have the finest well bred pitbull puppies for sale available today.Our dogs are BRED FOR LOVING TEMPERAMENTS and PERFORMANCE, their ABILITY to THINK, and the CONTENT of their CHARACTER. PitBull Breeders make a huge difference in the quality of a puppy. Our pitbull puppies’ bloodlines are known to produce the finest pitbull puppies in the world. Our PitBull puppies for sale are among the very finest pit bulls in existence. Owning one of our bully pitbull puppies is an absolute joy and you will be extremely proud of having one of our dogs when you see how well they grow and mature. We say with confidence that Peach State Pitbulls’ puppies are among the best pitbull puppies for sale today. To buy pitbull puppies from Peach State Pitbulls, call (912) 283-0934.


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