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Peach State Pitbulls

ABKC Champion Peach State's Dirty Harry

Dirty is now open for public stud!



Dirty is now an ABKC Extreme Champion!!!

Dirty's Recent ABKC Show Wins

Show 1: 1st place 3+ Extreme Males
Reserve Best Male
Show 2: 1st Place 3+ Extreme Males
Best Extreme Male
Best Overall Extreme

Show 1: 3rd Place 3+ Extreme Males
Show 2: 2nd Place 3+ Extreme Males
Show 3: 2nd Place 3+ Extreme Males
Show 4: 3rd Place 3+ Standard Males

1st Place 3+ Extreme Males
Reserve Best Extreme Male

Show 1: 1st Place 3+ Extreme Males
Show 2: 2nd Place 3+ Extreme Males

Show 1: 1st Place 3+ Extreme Males
Show 2: 3rd Place 3+ Extreme Males

1st Place 3+ Extreme Males
Best Extreme Male
Best Overall Extreme

Dirty does have older wins that are not listed or pictured above

For available blue or champagne pitbull puppies off of Dirty, go to our Breedings page or Puppies page!
To see some of the blue and champagne puppies that Dirty has already produced, go to one of the following produced pages:
                                Dirty's Pedigree

'PR' Bestbloods Shephards NC Legend

'PR' Diegos Bills Bullies Thois Legacy

'PR' Diego's No Mercy AKA Siner

'PR' Bullseye's Nemesis

Razor's Edge Diego's Nasty Neela

'PR' PPK Traviesa Troubles SSK

'PR' PPK Blue Gangsta

'PR' PPK Reyes' Hainna

'PR' Trueline Best Bloods Neela

Diego's Doing Big Things

Razors Edge Bullseye Most Wntd

Razors Edge Diego's Nasty Neela

'PR' Trueline Blue Steel

Razors Edge Payback is a Bomb

Ramirez Traviesa

Carolina's Lil Mayham of PSP

'PR' Smith's Buster Lovis

'PR' Pit Crew Solomon

'PR' Pit Crew It's Miller Time

PitCrews Blue Marquis

'PR' Big Will's Shady Jade

UWP 'PR' Shaw's Lightning Strikes

'PR' Shaw's Little Bit Loco

'PR' Wolfpack's Dixie's Blue Bell

'PR' Evil Brown's Rocco of Wolfpack

Razor's Edge Payback is a Bomb

'PR' Ramirez' Traviesa

'PR' Aztlan's Bonnie of Wolfpack

CH 'PR' Aztlan's Primo Blue Boy

Hayne's Fawn

                                 Dirty's Pictures








 Dirty at 12 Months in Video


Welcome to Peach State Pitbulls! Home of the blue bully pitbull ABKC Extreme Champion "Peach State’s Dirty Harry" but better known as... "Dirty"!!! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to own such an awesome specimen who has gone to produce tremendous dogs for so many wonderful kennels to continue his legacy. Not only just by his sheer size and great looks but his temperament and intelligence is unmatched by any dog that i have seen. ABKC CH Dirty continues to impress the blue bully community with each and every litter regardless of the size of the female or the bloodline of the female. Dirty can outproduce himself!

No, we do not breed game dogs. So, no, Dirty is not a true old school pitbull. He is not 35-60 pounds. His face is not sharp and pointy. He does not have that excessive drive to kill another dog. He cannot climb a 6 foot fence. Do you really want a dog that has that much drive anymore? Don’t get me wrong! Dirty is not lazy! He will keep up with the best of them, but he is also the most laid back, calm bully pitbull that you will ever lay your eyes upon.

Dirty has never had any aggression issues with any of my family members or people who visit. However, he will protect his property and his family if he needs to do so. These are the same qualities that dirty passes to his offspring. We want our bully pitbulls to have that love and loyalty for their masters, which has been characteristic of pitbulls for many centuries. We want them to have a superior temperament along with great intelligence. We want them to listen to our commands and be well socialized so we can enjoy them in public and help break that pitbull stereotype. We want them to be able to run around our backyards and play without having to worry someday that when we get home from work, the police are at our doors because we cannot control our dogs from getting out. Our way of living has evolved...our communities have evolved...the world has evolved! These dogs have evolved to better the image of the pitbull breed!

 Here at Peach State Pitbulls our mission is to produce the best American Bullies in terms of structure, temperament, and pedigree. Our pitbull kennels in Georgia are second to none and the quality of our facilites falls in line with our belief that these wonderful creatures need to be nurtured and cared for in order for us to be able to offer the very best Pitbull Puppies for sale. We pride ourselves on maintaining our strong reputation as one of the top kennels to have pitbulls for sale. All blue nose pitbulls owned by Peach State Pitbulls or blue pitbull puppies for sale by us were produced from bully blue pitbulls who come from champion and grand champion bloodlines. Our pitbull kennels produce a few litters of blue pit bull puppies each year in which most of the top quality blue pit bull puppies produced are for sale to qualified buyers. All of our pitbull kennels blue pitbulls for sale come with a health guarantee, shots, and deworming. If you are looking to purchase a blue pitbull puppy from a reputable blue pit bull puppy breeder that is properly licensed by the Department of Agriculture, check out our blue pitbull breedings page or blue pitbull puppies page and contact our pitbull kennel with any questions you may have at 912-283-0934.



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